Coffee Chat: How We’re Staying Consistent With Healthy Habits


On today’s episode, Brit and Lori chat about their goals for 2022 while enjoying their morning cup of coffee. They discuss staying centered and consistent with healthy habits and what they’re manifesting for their businesses this year. They also share their top tips for how to stay on top of your mental, physical, and emotional health. So get your favorite morning beverage and tune in to hear more about how Lori and Brit are setting themselves up for success this year! 

“I have to go through everything that I’ve ever done that’s been a success so that I can remind myself that I can do this.”

-Lori Harder


  • Replenishing your well of contacts by attending conferences and networking events 
  • Journal prompts that Lori uses to structure her daily reflections 
  • Brit’s memorable moments jar that she’s implementing at home and in the office 
  • How Brit is creating surprise and delight moments for Squeeze franchisees 
  • How Lori is pivoting her plans with Lite Pink after a licensing set back


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