How to Create an Obsession-Worthy Brand with Ronne Brown, Founder of Girl CEO


Ronne Brown is so herself in everything that she does, and that creates a magnetic attraction around her. By being unapologetically Ronne Brown, she inspires others to let go of the persona they’re trying to live into or the friend group that’s been holding them back. In this conversation, she shares the struggles she’s gone through as an entrepreneur, how she makes space for the relationships that matter most, and how to create a brand people are obsessed with.

Question Highlights:

  • What are you most grateful for right now?
  • How do you make room for intentional relationships?
  • What was the first thing you made a change in when you realized you were tolerating it?
  • When you are at your best, what is it that you are doing?
  • What makes an obsession-worthy brand?
  • What are some of the struggles of launching a brand?
  • What’s the scariest thing about being an entrepreneur, right now?

When you feel your best, you’re giving your best.

Lori Harder


  • Being yourself
  • Making room for authentic relationships
  • How codependency leads to entitlement
  • Creating viral content
  • What makes an obsession-worthy brand



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