Building a Values-Focused Brand, with Lesley Thornton, Founder of Klur


When Lesley Thornton set out to found Klur, she wanted to create something that she had never seen before. The standards that she expected just didn’t exist in other businesses. Fed up with not feeling represented in her industry, she created a passion-driven skincare line with a purpose. Lesley’s goal with Klur is to carve a space for people of color in the clean beauty industry and show that the community has value.

Question Highlights:

  • What drove you to start Klur?
  • What’s the meaning behind the name?
  • What have you learned from bootstrapping without startup support?
  • What products were you focused on in the beginning?
  • How do your customers find what’s right for them?
  • What’s your go-to skincare routine?
  • What are some time-saving hacks that make you feel more productive?
  • How does your team collaboration work?
  • What’s on the horizon for you?

“Don’t waste time. It’s the only thing you cannot get back.”

-Lesley Thornton


  • Starting with a vision
  • Bootstrapping a business
  • Building a network early
  • Making face-to-face connections
  • The power of saying “no”
  • Delegating your weaknesses



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