Building Business Around Creators & Influencers with Amber Venz Box


Are you a big dreamer? Are you starting with an idea, or still finding clarity, or wanting to scale something massive? Amber Venz Box is the CEO of a billion-dollar company and she’s going to show you how this could be possible for you. When looking for a solution for her own blog, she launched rewardStyle to help match brands and influencers together and make the process painless for everyone involved. Like so often happens, solving her own problem led to solving others problems, which led to massive success.

Question Highlights:

  • What did it look like when you first started piecing together your idea?
  • What was your background when you first started?
  • How would you tell someone else to start knowing what you know now?
  • How did your vision come to you?
  • How does rewardStyle work for anyone wanting to use it?
  • How has helping other entrepreneurs impacted you?
  • What would you say to someone wanting to build an influencer program into their business?
  • What’s something you wish you had known sooner?

“Being your own customer is a superpower.”

-Amber Venz Box


  • Bringing an idea to reality
  • Networking while you build
  • How your ideas progress
  • Who rewardStyle is for
  • Helping other entrepreneurs thrive
  • Building an influencer component into your business
  • Hiring the right people



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