Overcoming Your Next Hurdle, with Emily Abbate


Emily Abbate is an eternal optimist and total badass. She talks to CEOs, leaders, and inspiring people regularly on her podcast, Hurdle, inspired by her own hurdle moment. Somehow managing to be both superhuman and entirely approachable. Emily is a powerhouse in the fitness and body acceptance world and an important voice to listen to.

Question Highlights:

  • What inspired you to change your life and what was the transformation experience like?
  • What helped you navigate your path?
  • What are some foundational steps women can take to get into better shape or continue to challenge themselves?
  • What are some of the lessons you’ve learned while trying to build your freelance career?
  • How do you structure your days and weeks?
  • What is your relationship with social media?

Your best work will come when you get to work with people who you enjoy working with.”

-Emily Abbate


  • Emily’s body journey and finding what wellness means to her
  • Focusing on nutrition and exercise
  • Getting comfortable with your body
  • Taking steps to get fit
  • Building a path for yourself
  • Emily’s daily routine
  • Creating a healthy relationship with social media



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