Rowing Your Way to Good Health with Helaine Knapp, Founder and CEO of CityRow Go


A few years ago, Helaine Knapp was just like any girl in her 20s living it up in New York City, blending a high-powered job in tech with high-intensity group workout sessions. After a back injury brought her to a complete standstill, she found herself scrambling for a low-impact workout. She found rowing, and the seed for her next venture, CityRow Go, was planted. 

In this inspiring episode, Helaine connects with Brit on the trials and triumphs of running her own business, and the brutal and beautiful lessons she’s learned along the way, from the moment she knew she could make rowing sexy, to the emotionally draining fund-raising process, and why it’s so important to surround yourself with badass women who will always have your back. Take our word for it: Helaine’s jet-fueled success and boundless energy is going to have you running to the nearest CityRow studio. 

Question Highlights:

  • What’s your career backstory and how did you start rowing?
  • How did CityRow become CityRow?
  • How do you work through insecurities?
  • How did the last year impact CityRow?  

“Self-awareness is the #1 ticket to building a successful company.”

-Helaine Knapp


  • The benefits of rowing 
  • What it’s really like to build a business from scratch
  • Vulnerability and asking for help
  • Scaling business and pivoting during the pandemic
  • What’s next for CityRow 
  • Mental health maintenance 



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