ThirdLove Co-Founder & CEO, Heidi Zak, On Disrupting Women’s Lingerie And Her Open Letter To Victoria’s Secret


Heidi Zak is the Co-founder and CEO of ThirdLove, American lingerie company known for marketing body positivity and offering size-inclusive bras and half-cup sizes. With Brit hosting this episode, she and Heidi shed light on the decades of negativity that came from the women’s lingerie industry, and how ThirdLove was formed to be the antithesis of this negative messaging. Brit and Heidi talk about Heidi’s open letter to Victoria’s Secret, the importance of simplicity when starting your own company, how to lead a large team, and more.

To be your best self, especially in front of a group of people, you need to be you.”

-Heidi Zak


  • Heidi’s open letter to Victoria’s Secret that was published in the New York Times
  • The values and principles that ThirdLove was founded on
  • Disrupting the women’s lingerie industry
  • Heidi’s leadership learnings
  • How Heidi structures her days to deliver results


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