Discovering What Kind Of Expert You Are With Business Mentor Jess Glazer


Today, Lori sits down with business coach and entrepreneur Jess Glazer to define what type of expert you are, regardless of where you are in your journey. Jess shares the differences between results, research, and role model experts, and the value that each type of expert has.  Lori and Jess also discuss finding a balance on social media, how hobbies help your business, and the power of Post-It notes. Tune in to discover what kind of expert you are and learn how you can use that to your advantage. 

Everything that you already have and you already know makes you an expert.

-Jess Glazer


  • Jess’ breakthrough moments from her year-long RV journey across America 
  • The difference between results, research, and role model experts 
  • How to stay authentic on social media without oversharing
  • Getting comfortable with being a beginner
  • Jess’ “Post-It to Profit” method 
  • Changing the narrative of imposter syndrome



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