Lessons In Persistence, Embracing Transition and Empowering Others


On today’s quickie episode, Brit shares details about her entrepreneurial experience and some of the lessons that she’s learned. She talks about how persistence, courage and surrounding herself with a strong team has helped her achieve goals beyond her wildest imagination. She reflects on how mindset and focusing on her ‘why’ has helped her through these past daunting 18 months. Plus, she shouts out inspiring women in business who empower and motivate her to dream as big as she possibly can. 

We are better when we share not only our triumphs and successes, but our vulnerabilities.

-Brittany Driscoll


  • Details of Brit’s journey to starting Squeeze and The Feel Good Company 
  • Major business and life lessons that Brit has learned
  • How embracing transition and chasing discomfort leads to fulfillment
  • The role that empowering others has on your success
  • Accepting that it’s normal to not have all the answers
  • Staying motivated by striving for something bigger than yourself


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